How to write a korean alphabet chart

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Korean Keyboard - 한국어 키보드

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Easiest Language Comparison Chart

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Lesson 1: The Korean Alphabet is 24 Letters

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The Korean alphabet, known as Hangul (/ ˈ h ɑː n ɡ uː l / HAHN-gool; from Korean 한글 Korean pronunciation: [ha(ː)n.ɡɯl]) has been used to write the Korean language since its creation in the 15th century by Sejong the Great. It may also be written Hangeul following the standard Romanization.

It is the official writing system of North Korea and South Korea. The Korean alphabet (called "Hangul" in Korean) was developed by a team of scholars under King Se-jong () of the Yi Dynasty and is the most recently invented and most scientifically designed alphabet in the world. Korean is maybe one of the most difficult languages for an English speaking foreigner to learn, the first hurdle is the Korean / Hangul alphabet which is.

The Greek alphabet has been used to write the Greek language since the late ninth or early eighth century BC. It is derived from the earlier Phoenician alphabet, and was the first alphabetic script to have distinct letters for vowels as well as consonants. In Archaic and early Classical times, the Greek alphabet existed in many different local variants, but, by the end of the fourth century BC.

Download the Hangul Chart Image. The first hangul alphabet chart is the Korean character list of the basic consonants in Korean, with their similar sounds in English. Very simply put, Hangul is the Korean alphabet and the official script of both South and North Korea (don’t confuse “Hangul” with the name for “Korean language” in Korean, Hangukeo (한국어)).

How to write a korean alphabet chart
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Korean alphabet, pronunciation and language