How to write a letter to the tooth fairy

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What Really Matters – A Letter To My Teenage Son

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Tooth Fairy Letter For A Girl

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Tooth Fairy Letter Freebie

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I found the tooth you made for me there. Tooth Fairy Pillow With Notepad And Keepsake. I ADORE having a TOOTH FAIRY PILLOW!

Your child can easily exchange notes to and from the tooth fairy, safely keeping their tooth (and money!) secure. Mia is about to lose her first tooth. She is very excited that the tooth fairy will visit her.

She talks with her friends about it. She decides to write a letter to the tooth fairy to make sure she remembers to visit her after she loses her tooth.

I have two children. The oldest is only 2 years older. However I waited until the youngest lost her last tooth at age 11 & then in a letter that night with her last treat from the tooth fairy told her that her sweet mom has been the tooth fairy and it was a pleasure to do that for her.

Bumblefee, our first tooth fairy to write a letter Bumblefee, who'd only recently completed the tooth fairy training program at The Tooth Fairy Company, had never had a solo mission before; this was to be her first.

Time for the tooth fairy to visit? Add some magic with a letter from the tooth fairy. This article includes many fun ideas for what to write. Find and save ideas about Tooth fairy letters on Pinterest.

Tooth Fairy Letters for Your Child

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Love that the kiddo can write a note to.

How to write a letter to the tooth fairy
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Sample Messages from the Tooth Fairy