Saraswati puja essay in bengali

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Essay On The Saraswati Puja For School Students

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On Saraswati Lyric, the idol is worshipped by cutting and prasad is required among the devotees after working. Therefore this festival is also felt the Basanta Panchami. The Durga Puja is an annual festival of Hindus. The Goddess Durga is worshipped in this festival.

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"Saraswati Puja" Essays and Research Papers Saraswati Puja Durga Puja or Sharadotsav is an annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga.

Saraswati Puja is celebrated in honour of the goddess Saraswati who is the goddess of learning and knowledge. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped by the people in West Bengal in the month of Magh. Saraswati Puja Essay In English ( Words) ADVERTISEMENT. Many Bengali families bring Goddess Saraswati idol to home and worship the goddess to get her blessings.

All the study materials are placed at the. The Basant utsav begins with the day of the Saraswati Puja. It is celebrated by the people of Uttar Pradesh even now for fifteen days till Dolepurnima (full moon) comes.

Why it is Celebrated: It is natural to ask why this festival is observed at such a time. The answer is plain.

Saraswati puja essay in bengali
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